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Ultimate Aaron Carter Site
Aaron......or not?

Looks like Aaron but is it?

Is this A.C or a look-a-like? Vote and see. Ill post the answer at the end of the week so keep checking for the answer and more Aaron....or not? everyweek!!!

Aaron...or not? for this week:


Past Aaron...or not?'s

The answer to the 1st weeks Aaron...or not? is: this is NOT Aaron!!!! It is David Gallager!!!!Great Job everyone!


2nd week picture for Aaron...or not?:
Answer:This IS Aaron! Congrads to everyone who guessed correctly! Now check out this weeks Aaron...or not?!


3rd Weeks Aaron or...not?: This IS Aaron!! That was a tough one! Good Job everyone! Most people guessed that it was!


4th week: If you said this wasn't Aaron you are correct!! This is a picture of David Gallager from the WB show 7th Heaven when he was a kid!


5th Week: This IS a picture of Aaron! Good job to all of you 55% who guessed correctly!!


6th Week: The 68% of you who guessed that this was NOT Aaron were correct!!! This is someone who was trying to pose like A.C!


7th Week: Congrads to the 73% of you said that this was Aaron!! It is!!!!:)


8th Week: Most of you thought that this was Aaron, and you were right! This is Aaron!!


9th Week: Congrads to the 62% of you who said that this IS A.C! You are correct!


10th Week: 52% of Aaron fans said that this IS NOT Aaron Carter. Congrads to you! You are correct! This is a picture of Aaron's big brother Nick!


11th Week: YAY 80% of you said that this IS Aaron and you are RIGHT!! This is Aaron!


12th Week: YAY! 70% of you said that this was NOT Aaron and you are right! This is A.C's big bro Nick!!



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