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Cool Stuff!!

Neat stuff I found!!

Are you and Aaron meant to be?
Find out if you and A.C are meant to be together!!<3
Step 1: Write your name under Aaron's. Now, cross off EVERY letter that is repeated. Example if your name was 'your name' you'd cross off all the A's, R's, O's, N's, and E's because you and Aaron both have those letters in your name!
Step 2: Count the number of  letters that are left. In this example you would have 5 letters remaining.
Step 3: Now, write out the word : FLAMES . Using the # from step 2, count over the word FLAMES letter by letter. When you get to the # from step 2, cross off that letter. Then keep counting, skipping the empty space where you where you just crossed one off, crossing off another letter once you land on it. In our example you would cound five over from F to E, cross off E, then count over five more letters to M and cross that off. Keep going until you have one letter left.
Step 4: The Key
Depending on which letter you end up with, this is supposed to reveal the nature of what your relationship with Aaron would be like if you meet!
F= Friends forever!
L= Longtime datemates!
A= A really cool two way crush!
M= Marriage-here comes the bride!
E= Engaged- but only for a while:(
S= Sweethearts- you'd flirt a bit then move on!
Thank you to Popstar! magazine (March 2nd issue)for letting me use this quiz!!

Aarons Style (thanx to 'Aaron's Life Story Magazine' for this info)


While Aaron doesn't dress too differently than his brother, his fashion sense is uniquely his own. Aaron often shops for his own clothes, but also relies on a stylist to help him out together outfits for concerts, award shows and TV appearences. When asked in an online chat what style of clothes he normally wears, Aaron responded, "Casual stuff, sportswear, khakis." On a typical day, Aaron dresses much teh same way he does for concerts. He tends to wear baggy jeans, khakis, cargo pants and parachutestyle tracksuit pants. More recently he has begun wearing button-down shirts. On his feet, Aaron rarly wears anything but sneakers.
As far as designers go Aaron's favourite us Tommy Hilfiger but he also wears a lot of Nike, Roots, and Fubu.



In terms of accessorizing Aaron is not in the BSB leaugue yet. He's got an impressive collection of sunglasses, hats and silver chains. He has room to grow in this area. Here are some pics of A.C sporting some of his accessories!



When most of us first got to know Aaron he had a mop top. Then he grew it out into a page boy cut. Then he had a short, choppy hairdo. Now he sometimes spikes it or brushes it forward. Below is a picture comparing A.Cs hair to Nicks!


Article in Disney Magazine- Music Video Secrets

Singer: Aaron Carter Video: Oh Aaron

The scene: The video starts out with Aaron and his friends riding bikes.
Secret: Watch for the blonde girl in an orange shirt riding near Aaron. Thats his twin sister, Angel. She and Aaron acted like real siblings all day, having food fights and chasing after each other between takes.

The Scene: Aaron Sits on some bleachers w/ his friends, telling them he has a brother in the Backstreet Boys.
Secret: The boy with short, spiky hair sitting next to Aaron is his real-life best friend, Joe.

Video: That's How I Beat Shaq

Scene: When Aaron rides on his scooter to the playground
Secret: The scooter was Aarons favourite prop. Between takes, he rode it all around the set. The crew had to call him in when they were ready to shoot again

Scene: Aaron tells his friends about how he beat Shaquille O'Neal.
Secret: Aaron ended up making friends with some of the kids in the video. They kept there enery level high by snacking on Skittles, M&M's, Starburst, and pretzels.

Scene: Aaron tells Shaq his shoe is untied, then dribbles past him and scores!
Secret: On the first take of the scene, Aaron made some quick moves and drove to the basket. Shaq was pretty surprised and impressed with Aarons basketball skills so he picked up his game a bit to make the one-on-one scenes look good.

Hope you enjoyed this! let me know if you know some cool interesting tidbits on aaron and Ill add them and give you credit!!!! Thank you!


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