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100 Must-Know Aaron Carter Facts

You think you know but you have no idea.

THIS page is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION! I only have a little more than half done of the 100 facts, but I thought I would post those! More are on it's way!!
100 MUST-KNOW Aaron Carter Facts!

#1. Aarons happy birthday is December 7th, 1987.

#2. Astrologically, Aaron is a Sagittarius.

#3. His full name is Aaron Charles Carter.

#4. Aaron has four siblings- two older sisters Bobbie Jean and Leslie, a twin sister Angel and big brother NICK!!

#5. Aarons parents names are Jane and Bob

#6. Aaron was born in Tampa Florida

#7. Aaron and his family still have a home in beautiful Marathon, Florida in the Keys.

#8. Aaron has many nicknames including A.C, Airboy, and Baby Backstreet.

#9. Aaron listens to a wide variety of music, including pop, R&B, rock, and rap. Aaron taught himself to rap!

#10. Some of his favorites include Michael Jackson, Metallica, and the BACKSTREET BOYS!!! Thats quite a mix!

#11. Aarons hobbies include playing video games, listening to mucic and watching a lot of cartoons

#12. Aaron especially loves to do things outdoors, like swimming, boating, fishing, skateboarding, and playing basketball.

#13. When hes home, Aaron never runs out of things to do. He has a pool, trampoline, mini motorbike, rollerblades, jet skis, boat and a basketball court!

#14. Aaron collects sneakers, presents from fans and various toys.

#15. Aaron is getting more into clothes as he gets older. He likes to dress sporty, and particularly likes the colors red and yellow.

#16. Aarons a candy freak! He loves sugary candies like Runts, Sprees and Gummy Bears. He also digs chocolate bars, especially Twix.

#17. His favorite soft drinks are Gatorade and Sprite, but he also drinks lots of milk and water.

#18. Aaron digs action movies, such as Rush Hour 2 and Face-Off.

#19. Aaron also enjoys sci-fi flicks like The Matrix and the always popular Star Wars.

#20. Aaron is afraid of spiders

#21. He says that his worst habit is clumsiness. "Im always bumping into things," he says.

#22. Aarons favorite holiday is Christmas.

#23. In his free time, Aaron has been learning to play serveral instruments. "I play the Saxophone, a little guitar, and Im a good drummer," he told Tiger Beat magazine.

#24. When Aaron is home, he is still expected to do chores, like any other teen. "Yeah, I have chores," Aaron told 16 magazine. "I take out the garbage, clean my room, wash dishes, walk the dogs and even clean the boats."

#25. Aarons favorite Backstreet Boys song is "As Long As You Love Me."

#26. Aaron is very close with his twin sister Angel . They love to swim and play sports together. Angel sometimes travels with Aaron on tour and even appeared in the video "Shake It". She is an aspiring model

#27. Older sister Leslie is an up-and-coming pop star in her own right. She and Aaron have performed and toured together. Away from the limelight, they like to play piano and keyboards together.

#28. Oldest sister Bobby Jean, or B.J. as her siblings and friends call her, has done some modeling and hopes to break into acting.

#29. Big bro Nick, of course, needs no introduction. Hes been a constant source of inspiration, influence and motivation to Aaron since he was a tot.

#30. Nick has written songs for Aarons CDs and also helps manage his career.

#31. When Aaron was one-and-a-half, he nearly drowned in his familys pool. His dad saved him.

#32. Aaron has 3 scars- one on his forehead from falling off his familys boat, one on his toe from stepping on the propeller, and one on his leg from scraping it on glass in a garbage can.

#33. Aaron loves roller coasters. Throughout his travels, hes been on some of the biggest in the world. His current fave is Mamba in Missouri.

#34. Aaron says his dream car is a Dodge Viper. Only 2 years to go!

#35. Aaron is a fan of scary movies like Tales From the Crypt and Children of the Corn.

#36. Aarons best friend now is a boy his age names Craig Belcher who lives in Florida.

#37. When he is old enough, Aaron plans on getting some tattoos.

#38. When Aaron was younger, he was really into Ninja Turtles and Beanie Babies.

#39. Aaron likes to watch pro sports on T.V. He roots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team and the Orlando Magic basketball team.

#40. When he was younger, Aaron read Goosebumps books. Now, hes graduated to the Harry Potter series.

#41. Aaron was once really into the Pokemon craze, but says, "Its a bit old now."

#42. Aaron plays on all the different video game systems- Nintendo, Sega, Sony Playstation, etc. He especially likes to play against Nick!

#43. His favorites are the James Bond games, which are based on the movies.

#44. Aaron has often said that his favorite clothing designer is Tommy Hilfiger.

#45. Aaron says that he and his twin sister Angel have a lot in common and sometimes finish each others sentences.

#46. On long car and bus rides, Aaron passes the time with headphones and a gameboy.

#47. To date, Aaron has had six books written about him.

#48. Though he is admittedly hyper and talkative, Aaron swears that he was shy as a little kid.

#49. Aaron prays before each concert he does.

#50. Aaron has a pet lizard that he named Babyface, after one of his favorite performers.

#51. One of Aarons favorite meals is his moms homemade lasagna.

#52. Despite the competition with his brothers group, Aaron says hes a fan of Nsyncs music.




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THANK YOU SOOOOO Much to the 'Aaron Carter In-Touch Life Story Magazine for letting me use these facts!! Go pick up that magazine at a store near you!! It's great!!