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Welcome to The Ultimate Aaron Carter Site!!!
Get Ready for Aaron's new album "Another Earthquake" IN STORES NOW! ! Go to the News and Gossip page for more info:) The cover is shown above!

Like the music in the backround??!! It's Aaron's latest song called "Summertime" It is his first single on his NEWest CD "Another Earthquake"!! THANX SOOOOOOOO much to http://bounce.to/accrazy/ for letting me use the song:)


These are my new banners!! Feel free to put it on ur site if you want!:)


Welcome to my Ultimate Aaron Carter Fan site!

Hey! Welcome to my A.C site. I hope u find all the info, all the pix and all the things u are looking for! I would like to say HI to Aaron Carter if hes reading this! HI! I love u so much!
I have a Yahoo Club! The URL is http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/ultimateaaroncarterclub Please check it out even though it isn't very good yet. I am looking for a co-founder for my club so go to the Club for more info!

If you have an Aaron site and you want it to be linked on my site then let me know and i'd be happy to link you!!!

Please Please Please Please vote for my site here!!!!! thanx you I really appreciate it!!! VOTE BELOW!!:)



1/26/03- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I promise to update ALOT more frequently! Sorry for the delay!!

Ill be updating this site frequently so keep on coming. Pleaze tell all ur friends about it! Also sign my guestbook and let me know what you think! Thanx so much!
$Mrs AA Carter$


Click here to vote for Aaron on TRL!

After clicking the above link go to "shows" then "TRL" then "play my song"


Aaron Carter at the Nick awards!!!

Here is a great pic of Aaron! Thank you aaron-carter.com

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