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This months interview- "The World According to Aaron" from

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Sitting on the astroturf in the practice bubble of Giant's Stadium, Aaron reflects on the importance of the fans(besides the fact that they pay his bills).

"Fans are the most important thing to me, " explains Aaron," I think a lot of people at labels put fans aside and think press is more important than the fans...but, press IS the fans. If I had to choose between an interview with 'People Magazine' or a signing with fans, I'd take the signing with the fans without even thinking about it. "

For being 14 years old, Aaron sounds wise beyond his years.

Speaking of a new album, Aaron's success with his previous efforts have ensured him main stream success, and this upcoming album should fair no differently. Aaron has plans to devise his final track list of surefire fan favorites. How will he do this, you ask? Why, by getting his fans to pick those very tracks themselves!

Genius, I know.

"What I really wanna do," says Aaron, "is just take the 20 or so tracks that I've recorded and put them on my site and just have the fans pick and choose what they want. Sort of get back to a more interactive thing, I guess. I want this new album to be something the fans really love."

Aaron's new album, tentatively scheduled for release on August 20th, will be titled "Not Another Earthquake," the name representing how the boy wonder is back to shake up the music industry. Collaborating with writers and producers and trying his hand at writing this time around, Aaron explains why he's slightly hesitant to become a one man show where writing and producing new material is concerned.

"Well I mean, I will always have people helping me out with writing and producing, ya know? Producers are there to do a job, and they do their thing like no one else, so I don't think that right now I'll be trying to do all the producing or writing."

Aaron will be going out on tour to support this new album, but fans, there is a catch-Aaron is touring ala Nsync and Britney style, playing his new material before it's released to the general public, taking his new music live one city at a time.

Also deciding harness his star power to raise awareness on issues that are important to him, Aaron's decided to start his own charity benefiting cerebral palsy, a disease that hit close to home when he learned someone on his road crew was affected.

"It's good to make a difference, and it's good to help people, " says Aaron thoughtfully. " I mean, I'm the type of person who would do anything to help anyone, I'd give an arm and a leg to someone if I thought it'd help them lead a better life. I'm definitely planning on doing events like football games and basketball games to try and raise money for this cause, or even just try to get the fans to learn more about what's going on with cerebral palsy, ya know?"

With Aaron's hordes of fans, I don't think that will be hard to accomplish.

After working on new material for an album, sharing philosophies on the music industry, and sharing his plans to make the world a better place, Aaron also mentions something that he's been striving to achieve for the last 14 years: being cool.

"I just try to blend in and act like everyone else. I'm really into dirt biking," says Aaron with a lopsided grin, "and I love when I break a leg or something doing dirt biking, because I can just go up to people and be like 'Yeah, ya know, I was dirt biking on this huge hill, and I just fell and broke my leg. It was so dangerous.' Because, how can you not be cool when you're pulling a stunt like that?"



1. Teen Beat- How did you get your nickname "the little prince of pop?

Aaron Carter- The teen magazines in Europe started calling me that when my first album came out.

2. TB- If you were king of the world for the day, what would be the first thing you would do?

AC- I'd open a Krispy Kreme Donut Shop in my backyard for me alone!

3. TB- If you could make one royal decree that everyone in the world would have to follow, what would it be?

AC-I would make everyone eat Krispy Kremes!

4. TB- If you had to wear a crown, what kind of jewels whould be in your crown and why?

AC I think they'd be all diamonds- they're worth more than any other jewel.

6. TB-If you owned a castle, what's the first thing you would put in it?

AC-A video arcade with 300 games, so when I got bored with the last one, I could start all over again.

7. TB- What would your ideal princess be like?

AC- She'd look like Britney and be really funny and know how to play basketball.

8. TB- If you could be any king from history, who would you be?

AC- Midas, so I could turn things gold!

9. TB- What do u consider to be royal treatment?

AC- To me, royal treatment is when someone goes out of their way to do nice things for you, and does things they know will make you happy-with no strings attached.

10. TB- What the most chivalrous thing you've ever done?

AC- Prabably just opening doors for people.

11. TB- Who in your family is a royal pain in the butt and why?

AC- My brother Nick. Whenever we are around eachother, we are always kidding around and wrestling and goofing on each other.

12. TB-Whats your favourite Prince song?

AC- I really like the "Little red Corvette"



Q= How is acting on stage, in a show like Suessical different from singing and dancing you do in a concert?

Aaron= Its not really different. I sometimes have to act when I'm onstage, so its definitely similar.

Q= If you could invent a Dr.Seuss character, what would it be and what would it do?

A.C= It would be a dog with 8 legs. It could change into different things, like become the opposite of what it is.

Q=Basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neil appeared in your music video "Thats How I Beat Shaq". What was it like working w/ him?

A.C= It was really exciting and fun. He was nice and we had a good time, but he was only there for about an hour.

Q= Did you give Shaq any pointers on how to "improve" his game and his foul shot?

A.C Nah, if I did he'd probably kill me.

Q= Did he give you any?

A.C Yeah, he gave me a couple but i cant remember.

Q= What would take for you to beat him at one-on-one?

A.C= Oh, it'd take me being like 6 feet taller!

Q= We heard you race dirt bikes in your free time.

A.C= Yeah, I race professionaly. Thats basically what I do w/ my free time. If I weren't a singer thats what I'd want to be.

Q= Tell us more about your siblings. Do you and Nick for example, fight?

A.C= Not really. We have arguments here and there, but nothing big. I can't really remember any- it's just you know brotherly stuff, just about dumb things like the stuff in your room, things like that.

Q= Is your twin sister Angel in show business?

A.C= No, she's not, but she will be pretty soon, hopefully. I don't know exactly what she's gonna do; I think she's going to be a model.

Q= Your older sister Leslie is also a singer with a single,"Like Wow". Does anyone ever show up for dinner at your house anymore?

A.C= Not really. When I'm home, my brother isn't and vice versa you know?

Q= Whats the best part about having a hit C.D?

A.C= When people like your CD, it's just like hitting a home run in baseball, it definetly feels good!

Q= What's something about you that would surprise your fans?

A.C= Surprise my fans? I don't know- I think they know everything about me!


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