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How much do you know?

Tacking Down a Memo

Click below to take the **NEW** Ultimate Aaron Carter Quiz!! Submit your score below and the TOP 10 will be posted weekly!!! The scores are also posted on the Hall of Fame as well as on this site! There will be a new quiz every month! So check back soon!

Click here to take the **NEW** Ultimate Aaron Carter Quiz!!

Chances Left

Quiz from the Disney Adventure Magazine, Music 2001

*Questions* answers on bottom
1. What is Aarons full name?

2. What is his nickname and how did he get it?

3. What 2 food items can he eat everyday w/out getting tired of them?

4. What is his favourite pizza topping?

5. What is his favourite T.V show?

6. What insturments does Aaron play?

7. What was the name of the band Aaron was in before he got his big break as a solo artist?

8. Where and when was Aaron born?

9. Who is older: Aaron or his twin sister, Angel (and how much older)

10. What is Aarons biggest fear?

1. Aaron Charles Carter (1 point)
2. Airboy-b/c he loves b-ball (3 points)
3. Pizza and popcorn (2 points)
4. Just cheese (1 point)
5. "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" "Its just really funny," Aaron says. "Its one of those shows you get really attached to and then you just wanna see more."(2 points)
6. Drums, Piano, guitar, and Saxaphone (1 point for each insturment you correctly name)
7. Dead End (4 points)
8. Tampa, Florida: December 7, 1987 (2 points)
9. Angel is 2 minutes older (3 points)
10.Closed-in spaces-he has claustrophobia(4 points)

*total score/ Rankings*
16-26 points: You rank in the top 1% of Aarons biggest fans!
9-15 points: You know the basics, but need to study about more All things Aaron
0-8 points: HHMMM...sounds like your new to the A.C Fan Club


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